Normal - All Equipment and Personnel are ready to respond.

Missouri Disaster Response System

MoDRS Response System, Inc. - Missouri Disaster Response System, Inc. stands ready to serve the residents of the State of Missouri and at the direction of the Governor, in times of disaster where care could be needed, and in cooperation with the State of Missouri Emergency Management Agency and the State of Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Always Ready

MoDRS Operates Throughout the State, and at the request of the Governors Office, as well as an asset that could be "Loaned" out to other states.

Missouri Strong

Operating out of three strategic locations across Missouri including St. Louis, Springfield and Kansas City allows us to respond quickly to local disasters.

Full Disaster Support

Our support includes several branches, which are Disaster Medical Team, Mortuary Affairs, Special Medical Operations, Medical Reserve Corps, and Mission Support and are handled under the Operations Section. Other sections that support our missions are Administrative and Finance, Logistics, and Planning.

How to Help

We are always looking for volunteers throughout the state of Missouri. Want to find out how you can help? Click here to contact us.

MoDRS a 501c3 Organization.

We are equipped to respond to a disaster location, and set up a mobile emergency room setting, with capabilities near a standard ER's capability. Operating out of tents or whatever structures are available, with state of the art equipment, pharmaceuticals, wound care, cardiac, respiratory, diagnostic equipment. As well as a team of professionals responding to the event, performing their job there, just as they do at their primary job.